Abhishek, Jalgaon (collector with 5000+ models and featured on ZEEGNITION, Zee TV)
It always makes a difference when one buys from someone who himself is a collector and understand scale models. I know Scale Model Cart and made several purchases from them. I have been regularly buying model cars, trucks and bikes that are uncommon and are rare finds. Models are reasonably priced and in mint condition.
I will rate my personal experience as 10/10.

Swaroop, Mumbai (collector with nearly 6000+ models)
It's been a wonderful experience obtaining several pieces of desire and some of the art in the form of cars which by and large for me are an object of personal aspirations. This, bundled with a storyline from Scale Model Cart is indeed valuable beyond words.

Pankaj, Gurgaon (collector with 3000+ models)
I was earlier buying 1:18 and 1:24, but my apartment size restricted my purchases. Then someone recommended me this website. I first ordered few pieces reluctantly and was amazed to see the quality and detailing in smaller scales mainly the 1:43. They have a fantastic collection of rare buses and trucks, even models from the last century. Now I have so much to display and yet have space for few more.

Ganesh, Pune
Scale Model Cart makes it easy as "yeh lijeye Aka" and your scale model desire become true before you lay down your wish lamp! Thanks, Genie.

Siva, Chennai
SMC helped me to enhance my collection. Hitherto, I was collecting toys but now I have the opportunity to collect unique and rare stuff.

Harsh, Pune
I have been collecting models for 7-8 years. I use to earlier buy them from toy shops until I came across Scale Model Cart who guided me to possess the 'real thing', not toys. Now I collect items that have a legacy.
Their style is unique. They explain the entire history of the car model, manufacturer, era and even personalities who owned them. That makes one nostalgic.

Irfan, Navi Mumbai
Passion is a pure obsession. I blame you folks for inflicting me with this virus. But frankly, I am enjoying it. Because of SMC, I now have over 300 trucks, buses and cars. I sincerely wish your team the very best.

Sanjay, Bengaluru
Hey, guess what! I sold all my 1:18s and now enjoy the pleasure of having my 1:43 shots. Large Patiala's gone, small shots are in. Hahaha. They are all over my house, even my bar with the Jägermeister and Jack Daniel's pick-ups. Yearning to possess few more. Let me raise a toast for Genie. CHEERS man!

Prem, Bengaluru
Received my JAWA 354, Peugeot Triporteur and the Royal Enfield Bullet. It's really fantastic and beautifuly made. Thanks for making these available locally.

Antony, Bengaluru
For years, I had been an avid collector of 1:18 cars; until I chanced upon www.scalemodelcart.com. The array of choices one would find on the catalog is just too good to resist. With a fast delivery time, complemented by a rock-solid packaging, it's a definite thumbs-up.

Nimesh, Surat
Scale Model Cart - is superb. Your website, products, packaging, interesting BLOGS, YouTube videos, Facebook group,.... Badhoo saaru che.

Varun, Bengaluru
Hi Guys at Scale Model Cart, a big thank you for executing all my orders promptly. I was quite happy with the models.
I have been impressed with the range of 1:43 scale models that you offer. Some of them are not available elsewhere in India. I was quite taken in with the three wheeler Tempo Hanseat which was quite common in India at one time. Maybe I should order one! Thanks once again.

Aashish, Jaipur

I am an Automobile Designer having worked with some of the major brands in the country and lucky enough to be able to get few (real) models out in the market. For me, the scale model world is nothing less than the actual world and that's where Scale Model Cart really shines. Its been a pleasure to interact with Genie, not only in terms of doing business but otherwise also, knowing that he's a collector himself.

The website is very nicely made with a lovely interface that makes it easy to navigate, while still being attractive. I've been buying my models from quite a few places online and I can say that the experience with SMC is absolutely up there at the top. The shipping is always prompt and well packed, to an extent that sometimes it becomes a struggle just to open up the box. Hahaha. Great work at getting the lovely models and making them available. Cheers.

Nandish, Bengaluru
I am very delighted by the kind of models Scale Model Cart has been catering to the model collectors in India, especially with models that have an Indian connect through Desi FIRANG. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate them as,
1. Range of Model available on the website - 9
2. Order processing - 10
3. Delivery - 10
4. Packaging - 10
5. Response to the queries - 10

Sundeep G. (Sunny) - Founder & CEO xBhp.com
I collect lots of motorcycle models from around the world.
Scale Model Cart is one of the very few online sites and perhaps the only place in India where I could order a few online, those that are rare e.g. a Royal Enfield Bullet! The cars and the buses on their site are simply amazing.
Here is my take about them when I consider few parameters,
- order processing : The ordering process is smooth and the payment gateway seemed secure and up to the mark.
- packaging : The packaging is also top notch and the fragile scale models are always carefully packed.
- response to queries is just quick.

Manish, Ulhasnagar
I discovered scale models only after discovering Scale Model Cart. Unlike other online and private Sellers who try to only push products, SMC suggests what I should NOT buy. Now, this is rare. Who does this, in today's time?
They recommend only those products whose value increases with time. All these years, I have been collecting toys, now I collect collectibles.

Sourish, Bengaluru
Though my relationship with Scale Model Cart has been relatively new, my relationship with the Founder Genie seems to span across ages. I have brought several collectibles in the past one year and each carry history, the most coveted being the model that is displayed at the Mercedes-Benz Museum at Stuttgart.
And every time I happen to be at the crossroad of making a decision, I call SMC who then advise me if I should buy one or not. There are many Sellers in this country but which Seller advises you with details I bet, none.
What I also find interesting is the time and attention they give to small buyers like us though they have high net worth Clients. And the packaging standards they have set is probably the best benchmark that other Sellers should follow. Each product is packaged differently and this is another USP, that sets them apart. An absolute pleasure for an amateur like me.

Rohan, Trivandrum
The best place to find scale models of various manufacturers. The products at scale model cart are unique and the detailing is done to perfection. One would surely enjoy collecting them and to those who wish to go behind the history of each product would further enlighten you about each vehicle manufacturer. The Scale Model Cart team is both committed and professional in providing you with the best service and guidance on how to start with for those who are relatively new to this hobby. Wishing them the best to come out with new themes and products.

Omkar, Gurugram
This is a one-stop destination for connoisseurs who want to add models as well as Kits to their collection that holds value not just in terms of rarity but also holds a baggage of history and legacy with itself. I have been collecting selectively since more than a decade now and only when I came across this website, my could fulfil my wants with things i'd not find in shops, nor on any place that guarantees authenticity. The helpline is the key to get the best of models and combine packages, all one needs is to tell the 'Genie' what he/she wants. Their costing is very honest and comes with an assurance of prompt actions, and great packaging.

Arun, Bengaluru
I have been an avid collector of models, both in Kit Form and Die Cast right from my childhood... One day, on Facebook, I came across Genie of Scale Model Cart...and that catalyzed my collection into another phase ...a very special one at that too. In no time Genie understood my pulse and for the past few months I have been receiving Treasure after Treasure... Each addition to my collection from Scale Model Cart has a unique meaning to me : Personal, Historical, Technological and especially the Design Appeal as I am an Architect and Designer... The additions are not only Cars, Scooters or Bikes that were always special to me but also Military Vehicles and Aircraft... The recent gems include a few dioramas... Just when I think I got it all, Genie buzzes me wth some interesting news... News which I can seldom resist succumbing to the temptation of new purchases... Thank you Genie and Scale Model Cart for the Magic that has happened...

David, Mumbai
Excellent items delivered and in the most awesome packing / shipping.

Aniket, Satara
Great service till date. He is a seller with human touch. You will always have personalized advice for every model you might be interested in. Good range of items at very competitive price. Get your order on 3rd day as promised, every single time. Besides, there is a sea of knowledge at their blog posts. Well, feel pampered!!.

Joel, Jamshedpur
I am almost a senior citizen now but I was collecting scale model cars since my childhood. The collection at that time was limited to some gifts from relatives or from the local market shop . In those days there was no internet, no online shopping, the only diecast models l used to get were made in India Milton models and sometimes some ordinary China make models in our local market.
Days go by, due to unavailability of scale model cars at my place l almost quit my hobby but few years back as the arrival of online shopping I again rejuvenated my hobby and started ordering scale model cars from various online shopping sites like eBay, Amazon etc. But the products available there were very common. I was searching for some rare and unique models for my collection. One day as I was surfing the net I came across the site of Scale Model Cart, and the first car that I ordered was the 1:43 scale 1886 Benz patent motor car which was nowhere available in India at that time in any online shop. So the journey began and is still on.

Scale Model Cart is the only place where you get all sorts of unique and uncommon items from major and high-end brands. Their website is also great, easy to navigate. It doesn’t only list the items but also gives you a brief history of it and all the detailed features associated with it, which is very educational.

lt’s shipping is very prompt and packaging is best in the world. I have purchased from USA, UK, China, Singapore etc. and of course from India also  but I have never found such a class of packaging.

And finally you always get a personalised assistance for every purchase. I wish them a very bright and prosperous future.

Sameer, Bengaluru

"Every automobile has a story to tell, it represents a milestone and a scale model is the best way anyone can own a piece of that milestone, that landmark in history, close to their heart.”

This simple but most important fact is what Scale Model Cart has understood correctly and it shows through the range they sell and thru the small snippets of information that accompanies on their website....all of which makes them unique compared to a bunch of other sellers in the market. Put simply, there are Rookie collectors, there are Amateur collectors...and there are Pro collectors.... SMC caters to the last category..and in almost the right way....coz professionals want to own the stories...more than just models.

And by almost, I mean there’s still some scope of improvement in terms of the overall buying experience. Genie provides 110% commitment at offline level (via phone call and 1-to-1 interactions)....which is mighty impressive and also very assuring regarding the ETD, ETA etc...but I am still waiting for the day when their online user experience gives the same level of satisfaction and assurance....specially the pre-purchase part where you see nice HD images of the models which are not stretched or skewed...and which you can zoom to see the finer aspects of the vehicle, with accurate information including the right color availability, with an overall pleasing and professional look and feel of the website. I guess this part might not matter to average collectors, but being an automobile designer by profession and having dealt with a lot of international sellers and stores....it genuinely matters to me. 

But I am glad to see that they are taking all the right steps to reach that level where they will be miles ahead of even multi-national retailers and custom sellers.

Range and variety : 5/5

Genuineness gurantee - 5/5

Pricing : 4/5

Online presence of SCM - 5/5

Anticipation and Hype of a new arrival - 5/5 

Online Pre-purchase experience - 2/5

Online During-purchase experience - 3/5

Security of online transactions - 5/5

Assurance of online transactions - 2/5

Online After sales experience - 4/5

Online customer care - 5/5

Offline purchase experience - 5/5

Timely delivery - 5/5

Packaging quality - 5/5 

Offline Post sales experience - 5/5

Overall - 4.3 / 5 (Damn good and professional)

Subodh, Thane

Honestly your website is the only website I keep checking very often ... as you get unique scale models (zara hatke). Specially your 1/43s the moment I see them, I feel like picking up all but money constraints!!

No one has what you have, to offer to Collectors ... really exclusive and you help Collectors by showcasing stuff they wud love to possess ... Great job you are doing, when it comes to Collectors point of view making it easy for them to buy stuff they wud have never got to see.


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